Grease Build Up Equals Disaster

Have you been putting off your commercial kitchen cleaning?

Grease builds up quick. A disaster could be brewing.

But it’s been slow due to the economy is no excuse. The grease is there. Dust and other combustibles attach themselves to this grease constantly. Over time, it can ignite. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Don’t let it happen to your commercial/restaurant kitchen. If you think things are bad now, it won’t get better with a fire.

Omniserve works with your insurance company to obtain credits on your insurance. Does your current grease and hood cleaning company offer this service?

Think twice about delaying your cleaning this holiday season. Make sure your customers and employees are safe. Contact Omni for a cleaning today. You won’t regret it.


Your complete exhaust cleaning professionals servicing RI, CT, MA, NH, ME and NY.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Schedules

 appointment-bookHow does Omniserve determine your commercial kitchen cleaning schedule?

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems need regularly scheduled cleanings.  Your schedule depends on several factors.

When we visit your kitchen, we must determine the following:

·         Volume of cooking

·         Severity of grease accumulation

·         Exhaust system configuration

Omniserve refers to NFPA 96 as a basic standard for work frequency guidelines.  From there, we take into account all of the above factors to gauge your service needs thus ensuring maximum operating efficiency along with a fire-safe system. 

Omniserve cannot allow the customer to set the frequency of service cleanings.  If we did so, we would be continually servicing a past due system. This may result in extra work (which you, the customer, may expect to receive for the cost of a normal service call), and added risk of breakdowns (a costly situation for you, the customer). 

When this happens, everyone loses:

·         you would be dissatisfied,

·         our employees may lose out on commissions and be burdened with difficult service calls,

·         you would incur costly bills for equipment repairs and above average grease build up,

·         your company may face customer complaints and lost revenue from equipment failures, fires or added service down times.

You should receive a minimum schedule for a service cleaning with your quote from cleaning companies.  Your schedule is very important.  Remember, these are determined by NFPA 96 and are in effect to maintain fire safety for your business, you, your employees and customers.



Your complete exhaust cleaning professionals servicing RI, CT, MA, NH, ME and NY.

Deadly Dust Explosions

What an excellent article, Dust – When a nuisance becomes deadly, that the NFPA Journal® published in its November/December 2008 Issue written by Amy Beasley Spencer!

In fact, it’s so great that Omni is sharing it with everyone here.

The article discusses how dust can be deadly as we all learned on February 7, 2008, from the Imperial Sugar plant explosion and the Malden Mills explosion and fire on December 11, 1995.

Dust is a serious hazard. Don’t let it build up in your ducts and ventilation system.

Contact Omni and we will clean your ducts/vents ensuring your safety in accordance with NFPA Standards.


Happy Halloween from Omni

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Remember to keep your exhausts and ducts free of grease, debris and contaminants by scheduling your cleaning today.

The busy holiday season is upon us and restaurants will be full of celebrating customers. Don’t greet them with a fire. Stay safe.

Omniserve – Cleaning exhausts and duct work for over 30 years in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.

Restaurant Kitchens and Costly Fires

The quickest way to stop a costly restaurant kitchen fire is to get your hoods properly cleaned.

Most common and most preventable issue: hood plenums and ducts filled with grease.

Restaurants should have their hoods, ducts and fans cleaned on a regular basis by a professional exhaust cleaning company such as Omniserve. Our cleanings are done in accordance with NFPA 96 standards.

There are still many restaurants out there that fail to clean and maintain their hood systems. This leads to fire hazards not only for your restaurant but also your employees and patrons.  Don’t let the slow economy lull you into thinking you can relax on your cleanings.  Grease still builds up in your system and can quickly become a fire hazard.  Make sure your inspection stickers are current for insurance purposes.

Common locations for grease buildup are in the hoods and filters or around your kitchen equipment. However, don’t be surprised if there is grease buildup in the conduits or clogging uncovered nozzles. If this equipment is covered with grease, it will not work properly when needed in case of an actual fire.

One of our special services is that we provide your Fire Marshall with a detailed report of our completed work. How great is that? This saves you that added hassle of contacting the Fire Marshall.

We take care of you.

Omniserve recommends restaurants establish servicing schedules and maintain them. If you would like to learn more about our exhaust cleaning services, please contact Omniserve at  401-941-3564  or at We have over 30 years experience within the industry and our trained team can get that grease out in no time.


Brown University Recommends Omniserve Exhaust Cleanings

Brown University

Dining Services

Box 1936

Providence, RI 02912

September 29, 2008


To whom it may concern:

    This is a letter of recommendation for OmniServe Inc., a kitchen exhaust cleaning business. Omni has been working with us here at Brown University Dining Services for over two years and we could not be any happier with the results.

    Brown University Dining Services operates multiple dining halls on campus. We were not happy with the previous exhaust cleaning company we were doing business with and decided to look for a new company to help us with the difficult task of keeping our facilities clean and safe.

    We called Omni and Manager, Angela Claeson, met with us, toured our facilities and came back to us with a written proposal and cleaning schedule that was both comprehensive and professional. We were very impressed with her presentation and decided to give her company an opportunity to clean one unit and then we would make a decision based on this first encounter.

    OmniServe’s staff demonstrated both knowledge and skill at their job. They not only did a superior job of the actual duct cleaning, but took great care in keeping the rest of our facility clean and protected while they worked. After they performed their tasks, the foreman made recommendations, wrote a report of the work his staff had done and sent a copy of his report to the Fire Marshall. The OmniServe staff went above and beyond our expectations and have been cleaning and servicing our exhaust systems ever since.

    It goes without saying that in my opinion, OmniServe Inc., would be an asset to any commercial cooking operation and that they have my highest recommendation. If I can provide any further information or if I can answer any questions concerning OmniServe’s integrity or work ethic, please don’t hesitate to call me at  (401) 863-1686 .


Welcome to Omniserve

Angela Claeson, Owner and General Manager, would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new blog platform on the web for Omniserve. We hope to provide industry news, tips and great articles.

If you have any questions regarding exhaust cleanings (grease, air and laundry), please feel free to send your questions to us. We will address all enquiries with professional and in-depth answers here. With over 30 years experience, we will have the answers for you.

So, sit back and enjoy the Omniserve Exhaust Blog.